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Piper at the Gates of Dawn




Released- August 5, 1967


Recorded- February- June 1967


Length- 41 min. 52 sec.


Record Label- Columbia/EMI (UK)

Capitol Records (US)


Produced by- Norman Smith


Average Nat. Rating- 4.3/5



Album History


This album was a debut one for Floyd. The only album made under the leadership of Syd Barrett. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, it contains messages of psychedelic meanings that only one doped up on ninety grams of marijuana could figure out. The album reached #6 on the UK charts and #131 on the US charts, under the name “Pink Floyd.”

The album name comes from the title of the seventh chapter of Kenneth Grahame’s masterpiece The Wind in the Willows, where Water Rat and Mole have a religious experience while searching for lost animals. In 2003, it was named #347 on Rolling Stone’s list of Rolling Stone’s 500 greatest Albums of All Time.




Track listing

  1. "Astronomy Domine" (Barrett) - 4:12
  2. "Lucifer Sam" (Barrett) - 3:07
  3. "Matilda Mother" (Barrett) - 3:08
  4. "Flaming" (Barrett) - 2:46
  5. "Pow R. Toc H." (Barrett/Waters/Wright/Mason) - 4:26
  6. "Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk" (Waters) - 3:05
  7. "Interstellar Overdrive" (Barrett/Waters/Wright/Mason) - 9:41
  8. "The Gnome" (Barrett) - 2:13
  9. "Chapter 24" (Barrett) - 3:42
  10. "Scarecrow" (Barrett) - 2:11
  11. "Bike" (Barrett) - 3:21




Released- January 23, 1977 (UK)

February 2 (US)


Length- 41 min. 51 sec.


Record Label- Harvest Records (UK)

Capitol Records (US)


Producer- Pink Floyd


Average Nat. Rating- 4.6/5



Album History


As a concept album, recorded at Britannia Row Studios in London, Floyd was able to reminisce of George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm. A remastered CD was released in 1994. The Billboard US Album chart clocked the record at #3 in 1997, after a much awaited re-release US date. It has sold four million copies in the US and seven million worldwide. It is listed as Quadruple Platinum. The Pink Floyd pig was also a newcomer.




Track listing

  1. "Pigs on the Wing (part 1)" (Waters) - 1:25
  2. "Dogs" (Waters/Gilmour) - 17:08
  3. "Pigs (Three Different Ones)" (Waters) - 11:28
  4. "Sheep" (Waters) - 10:20
  5. "Pigs on the Wing (part 2)" (Waters) - 1:25





A Saucerful of Secrets



Released- June 29 1968


Recorded- October 1967- April 1968


Length- 39 min. 25 sec.


Record Label- Columbia/EMI (UK)

Capitol Records (US)


Produced by- Norman Smith


Average Nat. Rating- 3.1




Album History



The album marked the second rock album by the band. It was recorded at the EMI Abbey Road Studios. The album reached #9 on the UK charts that June when it was released. This was the second album not to chart in the US charts (The Piper at the Gates of Dawn was the first). Due to Barrett’s mental state, this would be the last album he’d be able to work on as part of Pink Floyd. David Gilmour was brought in due to his leaving.




Track listing

  1. "Let There Be More Light" (Waters) - 5:38
  2. "Remember A Day" (Wright) - 4:33
  3. "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun" (Waters) - 5:28
  4. "Corporal Clegg" (Waters) - 4:13
  5. "A Saucerful of Secrets" (Waters/Wright/Mason/Gilmour) - 11:57
  6. "See-Saw" (Wright) - 4:36
  7. "Jugband Blues" (Barrett) - 3:00







Released- October 25, 1969


Recorded- 1969


Length- 86 min. 11 sec.


Record Label- Harvest Records (UK)

Capitol Records (US)


Produced By- Pink Floyd, Norman Smith


Average Nat. Rating- 3.4




Composed as a double album, Ummagumma disc one was recorded live at Mothers Club, Birmingham, England in April of 1969 and the following week at Manchester College of Commerce. The other disc included four solo segments, one by each member of the band. The album reached #5 on the UK charts and #74 in the states. This marked the first time the band reached the top 100’s in the US. The album was certified Gold in the US in February of 1974 and it went Platinum in March of 1994 with the digital remastering.

The cover varies between the British, Canadian, and American releases. The British version has the album “Gigi” leaning against the wall immediately above the “Pink Floyd” letters. On the American version, this has been airbrushed to a plain white streak due to copyright concerns. Inside the cover is a picture of Gilmour in front of the Elfin Oak. The rear cover shows the band’s instruments/equipments laid about on the Biggin Hill Airfield runway.




Track listing

Live album

  1. "Astronomy Domine" - 8:29
  2. "Careful With That Axe, Eugene" - 8:50
  3. "Set The Controls For The Heart of The Sun" - 9:12
  4. "A Saucerful of Secrets" - 12:48

Studio album

  1. "Sysyphus: Part 1" (Wright) - 1:03 (4:29)
  2. "Sysyphus: Part 2" (Wright) - 3:30 (1:49)
  3. "Sysyphus: Part 3" (Wright) - 1:49 (3:07)
  4. "Sysyphus: Part 4" (Wright) - 6:59 (3:38)
  5. "Grantchester Meadows" (Waters) - 7:26
  6. "Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict" (Waters) - 4:59
  7. "The Narrow Way Part 1" (Gilmour) - 3:27
  8. "The Narrow Way Part 2" (Gilmour) - 2:53
  9. "The Narrow Way Part 3" (Gilmour) - 5:57
  10. "The Grand Vizier's Garden Party: Part 1 (Entrance)" (Mason) - 1:00
  11. "The Grand Vizier's Garden Party: Part 2 (Entertainment)" (Mason) - 7:06
  12. "The Grand Vizier's Garden Party: Part 3 (Exit)" (Mason) - 0:38

On the original vinyl release, "The Narrow Way" and "The Grand Vizier's Garden Party" were single tracks. On the remastered re-release, Part 1 of "Sysyphus" was split into two tracks and labelled "Part 1" and "Part 2". Part 2 on vinyl became "Part 3" on CD, while "Part 4" of the re-release consists of Parts 3 and 4 ("Part 4" beginning with the large orchestral thud). Original track times are listed in brackets above.






A Momentary Lapse of Reason



Released- September 7, 1987 UK

                September 8 US


Recorded- 1987


Length- 51 min. 14 sec.


Record Label- EMI Records (UK)

Columbia Records (US)


Produced by- Bob Ezrin and David Gilmour


Average Nat. Rating- 2.6/ 5



Album History



The first album since 1983. It followed the departure of Roger Waters in 1985. With the help of singles such as “Learning to Fly” and “On the Turning Away,” the album soared to #3 in both the US and UK charts. A re-mastered CD was releaed in 1997 for the non-Europe world.



Track listing

  1. "Signs of Life" (Gilmour/Ezrin) - 4:24
  2. "Learning to Fly" (Gilmour/Moore/Ezrin/Carin) - 4:53
  3. "The Dogs of War" (Gilmour/Moore) - 6:05
  4. "One Slip" (Gilmour/Manzanera) - 5:10
  5. "On the Turning Away" (Gilmour/Moore) - 5:42
  6. "Yet Another Movie" (Gilmour/Leonard) - 6:18
  7. "Round and Around" (Gilmour) - 1:10
  8. "A New Machine (Part 1)" (Gilmour) - 1:46
  9. "Terminal Frost" (Gilmour) - 6:17
  10. "A New Machine (Part 2)" (Gilmour) - 0:38
  11. "Sorrow" (Gilmour) - 8:46





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